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URGENT: Information regarding the federal livestock fart tax.

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URGENT: Information regarding the federal livestock fart tax.

Post  Cliff_S on Sat Jun 27, 2009 4:52 am

Hello, I feel very sorry for you poor farmers after this latest obama circus episode!

I mean $60 per cow a year, talk about unreasonable, all this is gonna do is make livestock produce prices go up by a third the current cost.

It's regrettable that Obama and the government would give all the money to the rich wallstreeter's and bankers who failed and then bailout rich car manufacterers just because they couldn't cope in the current economy due to bad sales practices, followed by a spending spree of billions in stimulus to federal government programs, then have the audacity to go and give various poor man groups the bill inadvertantly!

Cause thats why all these new taxes are starting up! to pay for the government's rich man bail-out spending spree!!

well I said I had urgent information and I do!

$60 per cow per year, well, send this note instead of money or a check or any monetary anything:

letter wrote:Dear Mr. President Obama and the cabinet and the US senate and other government organizations

Us farmers are not rich. we cannot in good mind; raise our prices in order to cover for this fart tax, simply we're not going to pass this on to other poor people like you had hoped.

But indeed we will give you $60 per livestock head per year, and you can tell us when to stop by removing the tax from the law books.

However we cannot pay monetarilly, you'll have to accept a trade at the current $ for product rate, it is truely regrettable that all we have to spare to trade $60 worth per livestock head of is manure, untill this tax is lifted you will be recieving $60 worth of manure per livestock head per year.

there you go Obama!, where do you want it! Laughing one things for sure; the white house will never smell the same when this is over with Wink .


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