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Radionic Agriculture

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Post  Resonance on Thu Feb 17, 2011 9:04 pm

Hello to all Farmers I have just joined and I am here to provide Farmers with unique opportunities for solving plant or animal problems effectively, harmlessly and naturally using Radionic Agriculture.

Radionics uses specialized instruments to analyse subtle energies for imbalances and treat same thus promoting healing. Subtle energies are an inherent part of all organic & inorganic matter also spiritual. The 'frequencies' emitted resonate from the sub-atomic realm and are not a part of the electromagnetic spectrum and they further do not follow the laws of physics; yet they exist without constraints of time or distance. Many will say that this is magic however magic is only science that is not understood. Radionics is more than 100 years old and Copenlabs have been providing Radionic Instruments and Natural Healing Services since 1947 and they are the best in the world. Radionic Agriculture here uses Radionic Subtle Energy Rates and Energy Patterns that can be 'Broadcast' to any Crop, Tree, Flower, Poultry, Fish, Pet or other Animal, etc to provide healing through a photograph. Thousands of Radionic Rates are available for:

Healing of Parasite Infections
Healing of Viral Infections
Healing of Fungal Infections
Healing of Bacterial Infections
Healing of Diseases
Eradication of destructive Insects
Fertilizer Optimization
Soil Energy Balancing
Plant, Vegetable, Fruit, Grain and Rice Energy Balancing
Healing of Animal and Bird Injuries
Animal and Bird Energy Balancing
Fresh Water and Sea Water Fish Energy Balancing
Plus much more

We are for various reasons not taught about this in schools and it therefore sounds completely crazy; that is one of the reasons why we offer customers One Month Free to try this; it is a harmless, natural and non-invasive subtle energy healing modality.
Here is a list of some Links that one may read and learn more about this amazing subject. (CAN TRY ONE MONTH FREE RADIONIC AGRICULTURE)

If anybody would like to try this for free or needs more information then please send me an email to or we can Skype it is free to download and free to talk from PC to PC even with Video. We have recently started this and we are looking for Farmers who would like to try this for free.
Best regards
I hope everybody will look at the Links above and see the evidence before commenting, many thanks in advance.


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